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Sound Mini-Course, 3 New Sessions Available

by Dual Audio Services SALE
Price $37.50 $77.00

Do you find your self struggling to get good quality sound at your musicals and concerts?
Would you like some practical tools to improve immediately and confidence to plan for further improvements?
Join us for a 2 hour mini-course were the walk through practical, lower cost solutions to make changes your audiences and performers will notice.
While physics & sound theory are the backbone of any discussion about sound, participants will walk away with hands on experience and a playbook for the real world. 
This mini-course is accessible, without lots of jargon and plenty of time for questions at the end.
Four Areas of Focus:
  System Optimization
  Performance Microphones
  Live Band Set up
  Console Set up
This is a 2 hour online workshop. 11am - 1pm

Shortly after registration you will receive a welcome packet with more information and your log-in.