Live Theatre Mixing Workshop September 23th & 24th

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Mixing for theatre requires special skills that can only be learned by doing. In this 2 day workshop participants will work as a group, and individually, on all aspects of the A1/mixing position that may be required on the job. 

Day 1: review of script prep, discuss I/O management and routing from a mixer point of view and introduce console layout options.  Attendees will receive script excerpts to prepare.  The last section of the day is hands on mixing practice as a group using prepared scripts and pre-programmed consoles.

Day 2: we begin by discussing triggering with interactive examples involving console, external devices and playback.  Each person or team will program a console and then share the choices with the group.  Following individual mixing time, attendees will engage in an in-depth discussion of techniques for trouble shooting while mixing.

This is a two day workshop.  $550 including TAX  Sept 23 10pm - 6pm, Sept 24 10am - 6pm

Coffee & snacks will be provided.


A few days before the workshop you will receive a welcome packet with more information and a list of what to bring. You will have a homework project that will be delivered in this packet.