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Audio For Artist on Nov 15th 2017 - COMPLETED!

by Dual Audio Services
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Welcoming artists from a variety of backgrounds (i.e. playwrights, directors, designers, musicians, technicians, producers, etc.), this workshop will introduce participants to the various audio technologies available for the performing arts. This class will discuss the role of the designer and offer helpful tips on how to budget for content creation and the specific equipment needed to integrate various audio components into your productions.

Getting your hands on some state-of-the-art gear, participants will explore some of the technologies available both for use as a tool in the re-imagining of texts and for devising new projects. We will address the question of when to bring sound into your process, and how to develop a shared vocabulary amongst creators. This introductory session will promote a greater understanding and appreciation of the art form.

This is a one day workshop.  10am - 3p

Upon registration you will receive a welcome packet with more informaiotn and list of what to bring.