Area Mic Masterclass

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 Struggling with area mic'ing your shows? We have the solution... 
Budgets, cast size and room acoustics mean we sometimes have to use 'area microphones' to make sure our performers are heard.
But terrible feedback and underwhelming sound is often the result.  Whether you are trying area mic'ing out for the first time, looking for ways to improve an existing set up, or have been burned by area mics and aren't sure you want to try it again, our Area Mic Masterclass will level up your practical knowledge and help you make noticeable improvement to the sound at your next show.
This is not a physics lesson!  We strongly believe every show, performance, and event deserves excellent sound and an accessible learning environment is key. 
*If sound is not your thing, it just falls on your plate all the time, we hope you will join us. 
We will cover practical solutions and provide you with the reasoning behind the choices so you know what can and can not be achieved.
Topics covered:
  • mic choices - the right tools for the jobs
  • mic placement - what mic positions get you the best results
  • console set up - how to EQ and route your mics to your sound system
  • area mic limitations
  • live Q&A
This is a 90 hour online masterclass. See start times with date selection below.

After registration you will receive a welcome packet with more information and your log-in.