Sound Full Course

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Do you need more in-depth knowledge of sound to up-level your event and show sound?
Would you like practical tools to improve quickly and the confidence to plan for further improvements?
Join us for a 6 week course to dive deeper in to sound and get the best sounding theatrical events possible.
While physics & sound theory are the backbone of any discussion about sound, participants will walk away with a playbook for the real world. 
This course is accessible, without lots of jargon. 
The first and final session are live with plenty of time for questions. 4 sessions in the middle will have the following concentrations:
      System Optimization - what are the parts of a system & where to put them for best results
      Performance Microphones - best mic options for space, skill & budget
      Live Band Set up - tips to set up and get the best sound
      Console Set up - how to set up any console for great sound & easy of use
This course is a series of recorded lessons and two live sessions (on the first and last monday).

Shortly after registration you will receive a welcome packet with more information and your log-in