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march in half over!!

Hey Folks, Our 3nd weekly special has been posted, check it out here. We are putting the final touches on our first round of workshops! Admittedly it has taken longer then we planned to get it all organized, but the wait will be worth it!! the CITT workshop is happening and you can get more info & register here!!  - Read More

more website improvements!

We continue to improve the website offerings as fast as we can. We are also putting the final touches on our spring/summer workshop series.  The details can be found on the workshop page at the end of the week. Also, we are working with CITT and playground studios on a Qlab workshop covering both audio and video March 25th. We will post the registration info as soon as it is available! Our new and improved quarterly newsletter will go out soon. Make sure we have your contact info by signing up at the bottom right of this page!!      - Read More